The Antonine Sisters
Adult Day Care
"We Care for Your Loved Ones"
Mission Statement
The Antonine Sisters Adult Day Care is a non-profit facility based on Christian principles.  The sisters and staff work together to provide compassionate holistic care to adults during the day.  We promote the independence and dignity of each individual in a home-like environment which allows respite time for the caregivers.

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Our Values: 
  1. People
We believe that people are our most valuable asset. Our very existence as an adult day care center is to serve the needs of the elderly and adults with disabilities. We, the Antonine sisters and staff, recognize individuality and diversity and we promote teamwork. 
  1. Dignity of individual
We treat all adult persons with respect and dignity and we foster freedom and independence. 
  1. Holistic care
We provide holistic care that involves the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of a personís existence.
  1. Compassion
We strive to provide quality service, promote independence and preserve dignity with loving care. 
  1. Non-discrimination:
We welcome all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability
Benefits for Caregivers
      It is never easy to burn the candle at  both  ends, yet this is the position many caregivers find themselves in. Time and peace of mind become precious commodities for those who care for their loved ones. Our program at the Antonine Sisters Adult Day care is a valuable service which allows the caregivers to gain back their time and peace of mind.

Meet the sisters and staff at the Day care, and you will come to realize that there is a safe and loving environment available for your loved one away from home.
Your needs as family caregivers are recognized and addressed:
You will have respite time for yourself
You will gain peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving quality care
You will enjoy support group to help you share your experiences and deal with the challenge of a loved one growing old
You will save yourself an extra trip for physical therapy, salon needs, and podiatry care for your loved one





2675 North Lipkey Rd.
North Jackson, OH 44451
330-538-9822 (Voice)
330-538-9820 (Fax)